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It's All In The Details

Details are what takes the delivered experience from satisfactory to sensational! Join me for my VIP Ambassador Tour "It's All In The Details" of my personal must see HPMKT hospitality showrooms.  Yes, I'm sharing the linchpin vendors that have enabled me to seamlessly cross back and forth between luxe residential and hospitality design time and again.  You won't want to miss all the excitement I have planned so click here to 

What's Included?


  • Swag... if you're a HPMKT veteran, then you know. And if it's your 1st time here, then you'll learn - save room in your suitcase for all you'll be bringing back


  • Refreshments... Hospitality@HPMKT showrooms know how to throw down!

  • If that's not reason enough, then my #detailstour attendees will have a chance to enter to win a Hospitality@Market magazine feature with every purchase.

Its all in the details...tour w/ Charmine Wynter


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