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Chinoiserie is back & chicer than ever!

Do you like #color — just not into the visual pollution of it everywhere? Then pattern is the perfect way to introduce color into your #interiordesign and still be innovative, cool and on trend! At the moment the #Chinoiserie pattern, the imitation of 18th century Chinese motifs in decor accents, #wallpaper and #lamps, are hot!

This pattern is awesome for drawing attention—as much or as little as you‘d like; with or without excess—but always with originality!

Since it became popular on the runways of European fashion houses; Chinoisere, with it's appealing mix of floral, stylized nature and archeticure, is once again the go-to print top interior designer are showcasing for current interiors. Is it any wonder that we cannot get Choinoisere prints out of our heads? As pictured here, It appears on #fabrics, #artwork, #furniture and #accessories.

‘’ It is super currant and adds to any space."

But let’s be real— Chinoisere is definitely not a pattern choice for the DIY or faint of heart only the truly fierce design aficionados can embrace the complexities and subtlety of this classic motifs and showcase it in all its grandeur.


I’d be less than truthful if I didn’t confess — I’ve been in love with this patten for quite some time… You see, it’s one of the blessings of being an interior designer.  You start seeing certain prints way before the general public— after a while, it becomes part of the subconscious. Soon, you are seeing said print EVERYWHERE, in loads of different combinations, each more fabulous than the last.. and ideas start to percolate giving rise to modern yet timeless interior creations.

Make way solids— it's time for Chinoiserie!

With the revival of the Chinoisere pattern… This all over print has come back to life with a modern feel and a far improved color palette” Charmaine Wynter

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