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Ending your affair—with plain & solid

It’s funny the attachment some folks have with their plains… you know…. solid #color on the walls, solid surfaces in the #kitchen and #bathroom, textured (code word for solid) walls, textured fabrics on the furniture and single (solid) colored rugs. Some call this neutral… I call it yesturday. Top #InteriorDesigners' have sooo moved beyond this tactile decoration phase because today’s well dressed interiors are wearing #pattern.

So break it off…say goodbye, end it now! I promise it will be okay. You don’t have to fear going pattern wild~ after all we've been here before!

Are you ready to infuse style, pattern and passion into your interior?  Perhaps you've already added some bold pattern to your space?  Send in your photos.  I'll post the best of the best here.

A little bit of Red-

The color #Red has always increased drama; in life and in design so it is a great color to utilize as an #accentwall, #accentchair or as #accentpillows. Red instantly adds some warmth to your space thus ramping up the romance and passion factor (I swear). Also, the color Red creates a bold statement and it is powerful enough that often times, only a splash is needed

"The colour Red has always added excitement; in life and in design”

A moderate amount of Red-

The easiest and most visible space would be on the walls in the photo below the #interiordesigner uses Red #grassclothwallpaper to liven-up this living room—try incorporating Red into your rooms in modest yet impactful ways.  Its wonderfully androgynous, thus its the perfect addition to add drama to a neutral or lackluster space whatever the gender and best of all.... it only takes one weekend to update boringly white walls and score copious passion points too! 

“Strong and outstanding, the hue Red gives personality to your decor”


“Red adds warmth & energy to a room; as, it is a very expressive color” Add Lots of Red-

Layering Red on all surfaces in the room is both elegant and sophisticated and will actually visually increase the sense of space because there is reduced contrast. Use this vibrant color in the #furniture, on the #walls or as #accessories like #vases, #lamps, #pillows, #rugs and #artwork. Remember that each element, which is "Red" in the space will attract attention; therefore, carefully choose various textures to evolve the interior design you want to stand. Charmaine Wynter

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