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Good bye to clutter

“Simplicity, functionality and intentionality. These are the primary goals and benefits of minimalistic home design. Minimalism is both a design philosophy and way of life. Minimalism has been known to reduce cognitive overload making it easier for you to relax at the end of a long day. Studies have found that cluttered homes reduce your sense of security and safety.” states Katie Ziraldo freelance writer. Read more

“Luxury Minimal design is one of the hottest trends of 2021 this trend incorporates the simplicity and functionality of the less is more concept while still allowing you to show some personality in your space through statement pieces as far as room with a luxury so far it’s better than one with a collection of miss-matched seats, floor lamps and other furniture taking up valuable square footage.“ The best way to successfully create this design style is with a change of mindset you’ll have to be disciplined to achieve this design vision as it requires editing your possessions—ruthlessly pairing down to the absolute essentials of the space and ridding yourself of excess.

Wall color plays a huge part, as does, lighting and architecture so if your unsure of home to achieve this style hire an expert.

‘Charmaine Wynter

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