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My 15 year love affair

These chairs are part of my design journey! I love these chairs because they fill me with joy. I have two in my living room and they are one of the first things I see when I come home each day. I upholstered them in two fabrics. The sides are faux cow hide animal print, and the back and seats are a solid gold colored textile – with couturier button detailing at the back and sides. I positioned the chairs to “float” in the center of the room so that I can admire all the sides at once! “I have a serious chair fetish”

The inserts are a wonderful blend of down and high-density foam. That makes sitting extremely comfortable. The final touch is the 32” high back, which is comfortable for resting while feeling completely supported at the shoulders. I’ve had these chairs over 15 years! They have traveled with me from one country to another. I cannot imagine not having them. These chairs are part of my life-journey as well as my design journey.

Do you have similar attachment to a piece of furnishings that you loathe to be without?…Top interior designers know how to incorporate an old favorite into a new space; without it standing out like a sore thumb; often times the makeover co-ordinates so well that it looks like it was always a part of the interior design story. -Charmaine Wynter B.I.D., IIDA

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