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5 Confessions of Interior Designer- Charmaine Wynter


As I sit down to write this month's post; where I bare my soul to my readers ~revealing the inner most workings of my mind; I cannot help but wonder how surprising my revelations will be to past clients, dear friends and the average blog reader who stumbles across my interior designer musings.. here goes I hope you find my thoughts insightful!


1. I watch classic television or movies solely to look at the interior decor---those set designers really had it going on--for this reason I prefer to watch Netflix so I can pause the footage to evaluate the quality of the interior design... I have been overheard muttering to myself--brilliant absolutely brilliant; my family now knows to leave me alone during those moments. 

2. I absolutely hate shopping~its true; perhaps its because I'm constantly sourcing for the perfect: accessory, sofa size, colored rug, wall paper pattern ect for my clients---so I view shopping as work.

3. I break out into hives and begin twitching wildly at the mention of the "I_ _ _" store; I Know it goes back to my early days as a HGTV reality TV interior design star, one of the shows sponsors was the famed particle board, Allen keyed, DIY "I" place-- and use of their product was required.  After nine seasons of that stuff its understandable that never is too soon for me to willingly use their product line in my luxury design transformations.

4. I travel for design inspiration; architecture, cultural fashions, color combinations are all fodder to me and nothing is as exciting as observing how another cultures utilize similar elements like tile, stone, and wood in unique to my- North American trained mindset norm.  I always return home enriched and with new design vision from my travels.

5. I'm well know for my "evolved" interior color combination selections in my professional life --- I've grown accustomed to hearing marvels of "how did you know we'd like this color pallet?""  "Wow, I never would have though oft these colors together" ... and so on--- so it often comes as a total surprise that my personal interior design tastes run towards neutrals hues...


Confessions over for now..! Its hard to believe the year will soon be coming to a close.  Hope you'll be back next month for my November winter decorating ideas.

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May 10, 2017

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