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Charmaine Wynter          


Is a multifaceted interior designer, brand ambassador, and influencer who consistently connects with her audience through her unique ability to deliver vibrant, informative, and highly relatable content. She brings the design experience to life and shares it with the world on her popular Instagram Live "Chatting With Charmaine".  A featured designer on TV shows across North America and regularly quoted in local, national, and international magazines and other media outlets.  The most recent features were:,,, Voyage Dallas Magazine, , and others.   

*Charmaine is in discussions to bring a new show to the viewing audience.

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Eleven years old—that was how old Charmaine Wynter was when she first realized her talent for interior design as she designed the family's living room to rave reviews from family friends. Her God-given talent was encouraged when a retail store manager noticed that departments merchandised by Charmaine had higher sales volumes than other departments, leading to a move to Toronto to study interior design. From that point on, Charmaine has been a force in the interior design industry—on television, in print, online, and in person.


Now, an internationally celebrated, multi-award-winning interior design professional, Charmaine Wynter, specializes in a "laid-back luxe" style that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for her residential and hospitality clients. Her successful creative vision incorporates design influences from North America, and Europe, resulting in fiercely loyal clients and fans from around the world. Her "superpower" is her innovative use of color and detail to bring her design vision to life. Charmaine believes that an expert interior designer should combine effective interior design skills with mental and emotional health to create beautiful environments that promote wellness.


Charmaine has demonstrated her commitment to building an inclusive industry. In her role as coach and/or mentor, Charmaine frequently lends a listening ear and/or a voice of common-sense practicality, refusing to sit back and watch emerging designers struggle as she did. She influences and inspires others through the Design Masters Group Clubhouse, where she founded a diverse, worldwide online community of designers, interior decorators, interior stylists, and home stagers, all discussing everything from the latest style trends to marketing and industry-related laws and regulations, and through sharing her design philosophy, creating content, and hosting her weekly "Chatting with Charmaine" IG Live for home decor enthusiasts.

Charmaine is dedicated to continuing to be a positive contributor to the interior design industry. Embracing her visibility and the opportunity for change it affords her, she is therefore selective about the brands she partners with, understanding that her influence has far-reaching consequences. Charmaine has partnered with well-known brands such as: The Mart- Chicago, Feizy Rugs- Dallas, Dwell with Dignity-Dallas, Universal Furniture's The Learning Center - High Point, Highpoint Market Authority and others. Through these paid partnerships, Charmaine has led VIP tours, hosted social media online events, moderated in-person discussions, and inspired attendees with her motivational in person talks.


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