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Hi!  I'm Charmaine Wynter, a luxury lifestyle connoisseur of travel, dining and design.  I'm all about living life to the fullest and creating a life that you love, and I want the same for you. Through my site, I hope to inspire and motivate you to explore new destinations and experiencing new things. Join me on my adventures!

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Charmaine Wynter is a multi-faceted businesswoman.  The luxury interior designer- turned- industry commentator, design influencer continues to evolve with the second season of her Instagram live "Chatting With Charmaine" talk show, seen every Wednesday at 7pm ET.  She has shown doubters that she achieves what her mind conceives.  Charmaine easily connects with her audience by delivering vibrant, informative and highly relatable content. She highlights to her worldwide viewers the stories of those she encounters on her journeys and shares behind-the-scenes peeks at the homes of interior design professionals. The talk show fun continues as Charmaine shows her playful side with various game challenges, she reveals at the last minute to the guests brave enough to join her show.  But Charmaine keeps the positivity flowing and finishes each weekly show with a live musical performance by artists as varied as the host is herself. 


Charmaine Wynter influences and inspires others through sharing design philosophy and down-to-earth practicality learned from leading an multi award winning, international interior design firm servicing hospitality, residential and retail clients. 


When The Mart at The Chicago Design Center called, Charmaine was only too happy to help increase awareness to the Design Week events. Charmaine used her vast social connections to attract the viewership needed to highlight The Mart's showroom brands through a series of  brand-specific social media Instagram Live spots and in-post Reels and IG Stories. The memorable events and Charmaine's positive commentary showcased all of the happenings to those present and remote.   


Feizy Rugs at Dallas Design Center- invited Charmaine to kick of 2023 Dallas Design Week with a showroom talk that had a standing-room- only crowd of designers. The frank, fun and fresh chat Charmaine gave on "Elevating Your Design Business" was just what attendee needed to leave equipped to revitalize their business and to enhance Feizy Rugs likeability stature. 

Returning for 2023, Charmaine again collaborated with The Highpoint Market Authority to shape a media strategy that included hosting a series of social media livestreams on the @HPMKT Instagram page. The result was a rejuvenated Social Media presence and a 21% viewership increase. 


Spring 2023 also saw Charmaine moderate an in-person discussion at Universal Showroom Highpoint in The Learning Center on "Crossover Interior Design". The event had a 93% designer attendee appreciation, and a 73% attendee favorable opinion of the sponsor showroom with 77% of the attendees saying they would consider purchasing from the sponsor showroom. 

Highpoint Market (HPMKT) selected Charmaine to be a Hospitality experience ambassador for 2022. HPMKT facilitates the largest furniture market experience industrywide, open only to the trade. Through this partnership, Charmaine conducted a behind-the-scenes VIP group tour where she highlighted her favorite product lines and furniture showrooms, resulting in a 31% increase in positive brand opinions.


Charmaine also partnered with IMHC Group to share "favorite finds" at the HPMKT on her Instagram feed and on @designonHighPointMarket pages. 


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At, you will discover a meticulously curated set of luxury lifestyle content to enhance your lifestyle. From travel experiences and fashion stories to beauty reviews and wellness recommendations, Charmaine is dedicated to helping you to create a life that you adore. As a passionate lifestyle enthusiast,  she constantly seeks new and exciting things to share with her audience. Join her on a journey to the most fashionable destinations, sharing her love for travel, fashion, design, and dining. CharmaineWynter,com is your ultimate source for all things luxury, showcasing the finest destinations, stylish home fashions, exquisite jewelry design, and delectable dining experiences. Her goal is to inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone to live the life you have always dreamed of having. Whether you are seeking a luxurious travel experience, a curated fashion collection, or design inspiration, CharmaineWynter,com is the perfect starting point. 

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