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Charmaine Wynter is profiled regularly in local, national, and international magazines, television, radio, and other media outlets. The most recent features were in People Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Voyage Dallas, Spruce, and Architectural Digest.

Charmaine has worked within a multitude of television genres including talk shows, documentaries, reality television, and entertainment news.  The award-winning interior designer got her start as a designer regular with the decorating challenge (the Canadian trading spaces in 1999). Since then, she has gone on to be a featured designer on a verity of television content for millions of viewers across the North America. She has served as a television producer in local and national markets ranging from Tallahassee to Atlanta, and New York to Los Angeles.  However, charmaine’s journalistic career soon took her out of the local media market and on to the national stage. In 2016, she cemented her place in programming when she helped develop Sister Circle Live (TV One), a national talk show featuring four African-American female hosts. 


She has been featured in top industry publications via Architectural Digest PRO, Apartment Therapy, Business of Home, Designers Today Magazine, and more.Charmaine is a Design Brand Ambassador, Home Influencer, and host/moderator who believes interior design is essential.

She holds a professional certificate in Interior Design acquired from Temple University. Charmaine's extended business background is comprised of a corporate career of over 20yrs under her belt concentrated in analytics, project management, and senior management of large commercial accounts. 


She influences and inspires others through sharing design philosophy, creating content, and with her weekly Chatting with Charmaine IGLIVE. Charmaine has partnered with well-known brands such as the Benjamin Moore Paints, Karndean Flooring, Fine Art Hand crafted Lighting, and others incorporating sponsored products within client projects

she shares on the IGLive and social as a design and lifestyle influencer.


Highpoint Market (HPMKT) selected Charmaine to be a Hospitality experience ambassador for 2022. HPMKT facilitates the largest furniture market experience industrywide (open to the trade only).  Through this paid partnership, she selected favorite finds which she shared on her Instagram and design on High Point Market pages and lead a VIP group tour where she shared her favorite product lines and furniture showrooms.  Returning in a larger way for 2023 Charmaine has again partnered with Highpoint Market to host a series of social media lives, and to moderate an in person panel discussion at Universal Showroom Learning Center. 

Charmaine is a multifaceted Interior designer and influencer who consistently connects with her audience through her unique ability to deliver vibrant, informative and highly relatable content. She brings the design experience to life and share it with the world with her weekly Instragram Live Chatting With Charmaine.  She's been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, USA Today and founders are on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.  As a brand ambassador I WAS RESSPONSIBLE FOR HIGHLIGHTING THE HAPPENINGS AROUND TOWN helping to share and document  experiencCES  as a DESIGNER. For example, quickly sharing pictures and videos of your experience through ourSM CHANNELS. CHARMAINE WYNTER democratizes the HPMKT EXPERIENCE BECAUSE Our videos are authentic and honest - we allow current HPMKT ATTENDEES to tell their HPMKT story with 1-5 minute capturing HPMKT life   creating a series of mini-videos to show what daily life is like on HPMKT FOR AN Interior DesignER. interview current hpmkt ATTENDEES of Interior Design students, explore parts of hpmkt and the town/city, and view hIGHPOINT  through a new lens.

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