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The art of the meal

The best stories always start at the dining table— and now in the midst of the covid19 pandemic it’s more important than ever, that all the rooms in our homes adapt to the way we need for our changing lifestyle.

The dining room a few short months ago was the least essential room for new home buyers, now— mid pandemic the dining room is a: home office, study hall and or the family gathering place. The dining room is trending as 2020 most centrally located space (in the home) that can serve a variety of purposes.

So wether you are into traditional, transitional or a more contemporary design style here are the 5 essentials that your dining room needs to ensure your ready for —the art of the meal.

The Lighting— each space must have general illumination —usually a chandelier—to make the room function as well as accent lighting such as candelabras or wall sconces to add visual depth.

The Seating — have you ever wanted to linger over a great meal only to feel your posterior beginning to go numb? Lol I have dining chairs often look great but many shoppers forget to ensure they are equally comfortable!

The Table— wether round, oval, square or rectangular; standard or raised bar top height— fabricated from: wood, metal, stone or glass the table is the most important element within the dining room. Ensure that it is sturdy and beautifully reflects your style.

Window Coverings — often the window treatments within the dining room is an afterthought but this is the area that allows for a bit of style showcasing... the fabrics and drapery you select can add lots of personality and don’t require a vast commitment.

The Rug— equally as important to the completed room is an area rug—this element ties all the furnishings together and create a cohesive grouping; even if your dining room doesn’t have any walls.

By Charmaine Wynter B. ID., IIDA

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