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Pillow Talk

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

If I had a dollar for the look on many a clients (usually male) face when confronted with the line item price for designer throw pillows I could afford to go on a very nice, very long vacation… and truly when you consider the amount of real estate that accent cushions occupy in a home their price can sure pack quite the wallop!

Here’s the three main reasons why

1. The construction - How the fabric panels are sewn together has a huge impact on price.

For example is the pattern matched at the seams or unmatched? Is there a zipper closure; if so, is it hidden under a flap? Those are just two of the considerations that factor into cost. I won’t belabor the point by going down the road of trim, fringe or beeding because I’m certain you have grasped my point.

2. The fill- also plays a big role in determining the final cost of a pillow. There are “organic” options like down feathers and man-made fills that are “allergy free”. As well as “moisture wicking” inserts that are mildew and moisture resistant—handy should a sudden rain storm pop up before you can cover the patio furniture.

3. The pedigree- probably plays the largest role in the ultimate price point of a pillow- is the textile being used one designed by a named designer or just part of a line from a generic textile mill? … Versace vrs Vera for instance or has the fabric “been there done that” and everyone knows? Is the fabric overexposed and getting long in the tooth or does it have a fresh new vibe? How about…

”Which side of the tracks does the fabric come from?“

Fabrics purchased from outlet centers are more affordable because they may have encountered some “life” along the way- how a fabric is stored plays a big factor in how long it will last and it’s quality -if it’s experienced some “rough handling” during its lifespan it won’t hold up as well as, a textile that has been pampered and stored in a climate controlled environment all its life!

Having said all that it’s only fair I point out that decorative pillows can be placed on a sofa, a chair, the bed or a bench. These geometric shaped accents made of fabric can be positioned inside or out. Lets face it, throw pillows; whether grouped together or one their own pack a lot of impact in their tiny package; so all things considered one can begin to understand why IT COSTS WHAT?!?🙂 Charmaine Wynter

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