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What’s Trending for 2022 Homes?

The Highpoint (NC) Furniture Market, held in June of 2021, had key home design trend shifts. The showrooms focused on: warm colors, patterns, fibers, and shapes for all the home furnishings presented, across all categories. (as pictured below)

This change from the neutral décor schematic trend of the last decade as the foundation of the design plan to a foundation infused with vibrant colors is pivotal as consumers embrace life to the fullest following the recent pandemic. Rich color tones were everywhere – and these spicy colors were grounded with lighter driftwood-inspired wood finishes or gold metal frames. (below)

Patterns also made a big appearance in the market showrooms, and their impact did not go unnoticed. Stripes, florals, large scale or mosaic, murals or checks, abstracts or marbled, botanicals or geometrics – wherever you looked, there were layers of pattern to embrace.

The appeal of natural and organic fibers continues to grow. In fact, it’s impact is so pervasive that industry experts have titled the movement Biophilia Design – the human desire to connect with nature and other forms of life. So, it was no surprise to see onyx, agate, crystals, and other stone elements showcased in light fixtures. Or to discover rattans, seagrasses, tree trunks, shells, and ropes grace furniture, textiles, rugs, wallpapers, artwork, and accents for indoor and outdoor categories. (Shown below)

As expected at a home furnishing market, the seating categories were vast. Most showrooms presented their newest collections in a decidedly rounder shape than in years past with an emphasis on curves. The seating had channeled, tight, and/or pillowed inside backs while the outside backs were often embellished with wood, metal inlays, pleating, and/or patterned contrast fabrics. This new outside back detailing plays especially well for open concept interiors where furniture is floating in the middle of the floor. (Pictured)

All the above are significant style and color shifts in the field of home interior design. So much so that many top-interior designers and industry experts are predicting that we are seeing the beginning of the 22nd Century’s interior design metamorphosis. -Charmaine Wynter B.ID.,

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